Nutraxin, the world’s most applauded brand for Vitamins & Minerals. Since its inception the brand has a crystal-clear aspiration of serving and contributing to the human mechanism, that includes all aspects; Physical Health, Beauty Concern, Cognitive Strength, Emotional Apprehension. All the vitamins and minerals by Nutraxin are composed and recommended as NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS other than medication. 

Our Background

B’iota laboratories are more than 18 years old and develop products with herbal content in order to provide effective and long term solutions to beauty problems. Established in 2002, B'iota Laboratories produces effective and long-term plant solutions for health and beauty problems. B'iota, owns brands such as Nutraxin, Bioxcin, Bioder, Bioblas, Restorex and Biota 59 Elements, and is promptly reaching the global recognition by launching products in Europe, USA and Asia. Offering health and beauty together with its innovative products, B'iota brings together the latest technology by synthesizing different plants with unlimited benefits of nature. While B'iota's revolutionary quality brands offer 100 percent herbal solutions to various problems, these products meet consumers at many points from pharmacy to market, chain stores to perfumery.

Chairman of Board Mr.Cihat Dündar  

The journey that started in 2002 with a dream that we  established many years ago continues today with successful signings both in the home-country (Turkey) and worldwide. We took our power from nature. We tried to understand a miracle; this was a miracle of 59 elements. A human body consists of 59 elements found in the earth; that's why B'iota believed in the human and nature co-creation. In addition to rich plant cover of Anatolia, we are trusted by Turkish scientists and dermatologists.

Nutraxin Pakistan

Man Behind Nutraxin Pakistan

Mr. Shahzad Ali Shah, an inspiration in the world of Cosmeceutics and Dermatology. His devotion for his homeland incited him to bring clinically tested and worldly recommended healthcare & beauty products in Pakistan. His vision is to serve netizens and elevate their health, potency, efficacy and beauty through nutritional supplements.
He proudly owns an internationally operating retail company, ASRA DERM ( ASRA DERM competently and resourcefully imports tested and most desirable products adhering to health & beauty; from various countries, while considering the exceptional shipping and storage practices.